Visiting Paris, France (with kids)

After our 10-day trip throughout Italy, we had arrived at the airport of Beauvais Tille, located 85 kilometers (53 miles) north of Paris, France. Traveling on budget airlines to this point had added extra work and stress to the plans because I had to previously print the tickets on my own and the airports where the … Continue reading Visiting Paris, France (with kids)


Madrid, Spain with kids

After our short stay in Paris and departing France, we had arrived in at the Madrid Barajas Airport in the capital of Spain. It had been a short flight and we had arrived in the morning, so we had a lot of time to get to know the Spanish city. We had dropped our bags … Continue reading Madrid, Spain with kids

Vietnam by bus and train (July 2nd – 18th, 2019)

I felt inspired to write this short article on Vietnam, on the train out of the city Nha Trang with destination to our next stop the town of Qui Nhon about 250 kilometers north on the coast of this beautiful country. From the moment I first visited Vietnam about two years ago, I felt it … Continue reading Vietnam by bus and train (July 2nd – 18th, 2019)

Traveling in Vietnam on a motorcycle: From Ninh Binh to Vinh (Day 2)

During the 2019 Chinese New Year holiday in China and the almost two weeks off from work, my girlfriend and I decided to do something a bit different; we would travel by motorcycle from the capital city of Vietnam half the country south to the city of Da Nang, about 1,000 kilometres away. This a … Continue reading Traveling in Vietnam on a motorcycle: From Ninh Binh to Vinh (Day 2)

Traveling through Italy with kids

After our long flights from China and Central Africa, resting in Frankfurt for a couple of days had been the best idea to recharge for our next month of vacations through Italy, France, and Spain. having purchased a small football had been the best idea, as they had to be active and playing at any … Continue reading Traveling through Italy with kids

Traveling in Europe with kids

In the summer of 2016, as it was usual (and still is) to meet with my kids during the summer to spend time with them, the plan was to spend a summer traveling through Italy, visit Paris and continue on through Spain. Our summer travels would take an entire month. Silvana and Pablo (then 9 … Continue reading Traveling in Europe with kids

Eating out at a wet market in China

Eating out in any small town in China is quite simple and cheap, all you have to do is go to the nearest wet market; this is the name given to the fruit and vegetable markets that are part of every town in this huge country.                   … Continue reading Eating out at a wet market in China